Why touch-up sessions are essential in semi-permanent makeup? 🧐

1️⃣ First of all, it is quite challenging to predict how much pigment the skin will push out. Sometimes, it can be 15/20%, sometimes as much as 70/80%! This depends on individual reactions such as: metabolism, immunity, skin colour, age group and even hormonal cycle. A follow-up session is essential because it is all about adjusting the saturation, pigment shade and shape of the tattoo.

2️⃣ There are cases when after the first procedure we see a perfect result and the cosmetic tattoo does not need correction, but this is rare!

3️⃣ Sometimes you need three and more touch-up sessions, but that is rare too! It happens, for example, when you have darker lips and would like to get a light pink tint.

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Our main goal is to define and enhance your natural features. Creating a perfect shape for your brows/lips/eyeliner is our specialty 🤗

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