❤️ Unfortunately, certain conditions, such as alopecia/trichotillomania/cancer/thyroid issues, can play havoc with your eyebrows, often leaving them looking sparse or resulting in permanent hair loss. A permanent eyebrow tattoo recreates natural-looking eyebrows to restore symmetry to your face whilst framing the eyes. Alopecia eyebrows don’t need to be a problem these days! Same with lash enhancement or eyeliner tattoo!
And if you’re worried the procedure will hurt, don’t be. Natalia provides a high standard of semi-permanent makeup in Syndey and always applies a numbing agent to the area being treated to make it as comfortable as possible. So people with no eyebrows have this easy option to have natural-looking eyebrows again. And as eyebrow tattoos can last between one to three years with just an annual touch-up, they’re also very low maintenance.

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