Permanent eyeliner to make your eyes pop

Are you tired of the daily struggle to perfect your eyeliner that smudges, melts, and doesn’t look natural?

Step out with confidence, knowing your eyes will capture all the attention with minimal effort.


Permanenteyeliner For Women on the go

Enjoy beautifully defined eyes around the clock


  • Customised shapes to enhance your natural beauty
  • A pain-free, gentle, and safe application process
  • Waterproof and allergy-free for active lifestyles
  • Wide range of high standard
  • European pigments
  • Over 10 years in cosmetic tattooing experience
  • Minimum downtime for instant elegance 


All our eyebrow tattoo prices include consultation, topical anaesthetic, initial tattoo procedure and complementary eyeliner tattoo aftercare instructions

You will need a touch-up appointment in 4-8 weeks with our tattoo artist to ensure lasting shape and colour results.

Cancellation Policy
Deposits & Payments

Cancellation Policy
For all treatments, any cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Deposits & Payments
Fees are due and payable in full on the day of the procedure. Prices include GST, are subject to change without prior written notice, and are correct at the time of publishing.

Upper Eyeliner Classic
Upper Eyeliner Classic Touch-up
Lower Eyeliner
Lower Eyeliner Touch-up
Upper Eyeliner Soft
Upper Eyeliner Soft Touch-up
Upper Eyeliner Between Lashes
Upper Eyeliner Between Lashes Touch-up
Eyeliner Refresh 1/1.5 years
Eyeliner Refresh 1.5/2 years



Why choose a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo?
To wake up with flawless eyeliner and enjoy beautifully defined eyes 24/7! You’ll save time on daily makeup hassles with smudge-proof definition, ideal for women on-the-go and those desiring a low-maintenance look.
How do you ensure a natural look?
Natalia will design the perfect eyeliner shape for your facial features with makeup pencils before tattooing. You can see customised shapes naturally enhancing your existing features before proceeding.
What to expect during and after the procedure?
Enjoy the procedure in a comfortable atmosphere that takes 1.5-2.5 hours, including consultation and topical anaesthetic application. You may experience minor swelling and redness immediately after, but can resume normal activities. We provide detailed aftercare instructions and you will have minimal downtime.
How long does cosmetic tattoo eyeliner last?
Cosmetic eyeliner tattoos can last for 1-3 years, depending on sun exposure, skin type, and beauty regimen. Expect to touch up the colour within 4-8 weeks to maintain the desired look.

Get the beautifully defined eyes you’ve always desired