As a cosmetic tattoo specialist, I see a lot of poorly performed cosmetic tattoos. Luckily, most of the time I am able to correct it, but still it can be a very traumatizing experience for anyone. So here are my tips on how to avoid bad cosmetic tattoo artists:


A face-to-face meeting is a great way to determine if a qualified specialist is in front of you or not.

First, your cosmetic tattoo specialist should have adequate training and experience.

Secondly, an artist must have a neat appearance. A salon itself should be clean and all the tools should be disposable.

Thirdly, this specialist should perform a mapping procedure first and offer the most suitable eyebrow/lip/eyeliner shape to a client.

Fourthly, if a specialist does anesthesia and then adjusts the shape of his eyebrows, then this is a fraud. In this case, the swelling might occur after anesthesia and lead to eyebrows/lip line/eye line being blurred.

Always ask your cosmetic tattoo artist to show examples of previous work beforehand.


After you have successfully found your cosmetic tattoo specialist, I recommend you to ask in advance if there are any contraindications for you to be carrying out this kind of treatment.

A pregnant or nursing mother should not have permanent make-up procedures.

Patients with diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, hemophilia, infectious diseases, diseases of the circulatory system, etc. should also avoid any sorts of cosmetic tattooing treatments.

Another contraindication is the presence of scars, warts and moles on the skin, as well as allergies to the anesthetics and dyes used by the master.


As simple as that! Cosmetic tattooing is one of the most significant and serious jobs, and errors are not allowed here. You should not look for promotions and discounts in this industry.

Here is the following explanation for the high cost of cosmetic tattoo services in the beauty studios :

– A good quality machine as the result of the work depends on it;
– Needles that are disposable;
– High-quality pigments
– High-quality anaesthesia
– Consumables such as gloves, face masks, plastic covers, disinfects etc.

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