Our cosmetic tattoo practitioner, Natalia, will meet you at the salon. The first step in consultation process is discussing your requirements. Whether you want ombré or microblading eyebrow treatment, a thick or thin bottom or top eyeliner or a full or partial lip colour, the options with cosmetic tattooing are endless. Natalia will talk through with you about expectations of colour, shape, final results, the procedure, process and aftercare. She takes the appearance of your face very seriously. Natalia will ensure you are completely comfortable and informed before you consent to the procedure.


Natalia will begin the procedure by outlining your new cosmetic tattoo shape. Once you are happy with it, a topical anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the skin. Clients have described the feeling of the tattooing process like a slight scratching sensation. There should be no pain felt. Natalia will keep you up to date with the progress, both verbally and visually with a mirror.

For your hygiene, the finest quality equipment is used and disposable needles are individually packed in sterile packets. All treatments are performed in a very clean environment.

It is important to note that the procedure is conducted over more than one visit. In general, one/two touch-up sessions is required, depending on the desired final result.


Cosmetic tattooing will last anywhere from two to five years. The longevity will come down to aftercare, lifestyle and the condition of your skin.

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